General Dental and Specialised Services

Along with the multitude of services listed here, we bulk bill The Child Dental Benefits Schedule so your child can receive preventive treatment, including a check up and clean, x-rays, fissure sealants, fillings, diet advice and oral hygiene instructions.

We deal with Veteran Affairs and can even organize your transport to and from our surgery if you are a gold card holder.

We recommend a dental exam every 6 months for adults and children from 3 years onwards. Therefore dental problems can be detected and treated early.

Digital X-ray: We recommend dental bitewings every 2 years. We have digital x-ray equipment, which uses only 1/10 of the radiation than conventional x-rays.

Scale and Clean: We recommend a scale and clean every 6 months for adults and children to keep teeth and gums healthy. For children we use plaque disclosure to demonstrate where the toothbrush did not reach and to improve their brushing skills.

Periodontal assessment: We assess periodontal health and refer to periodontitis’, if there are signs of “gum disease”.

Orthodontic assessment: We assess children for the need of orthodontic treatment and refer to orthodontists if necessary. An early referral to a specialist assures the best outcome.

Wisdom tooth assessment: We assess the available space for your wisdom teeth and refer for extractions if necessary.

Fillings: We do high quality composite resin fillings (white fillings) and also replace your old amalgam fillings (metal fillings).

Fissure sealants: To protect your child’s permanent molars, we advise preventive fissure sealants.

Tooth whitening: The state-of-the-art tooth whitening system we offer uses Pola whitening technology. We will provide you with custom made bleaching trays and 10 syringes of bleaching gel for your convenient home application. We can also discuss instant “in-office bleaching” with you.

Root Canal Treatment: We do most root canal treatments at the surgery, unless the anatomy of your tooth appears too complex; we then can refer you to an endodontist for the best long-term outcome.

Mouthguards: Custom made mouthguards. You can even pick your own color. We recommend mouthguards for all contact sports eg Football, Basketball, Karate, Hockey etc.

Crown and bridge work: We offer high quality crown and bridge work, which is all Australian made.

Veneers: We offer composite and porcelain veneers, depending on your individual needs.

Dentures: We perform a variety of denture work (new full or partial dentures, made out of acrylic or with a metal framework), all Australian made. We reline full and partial dentures within 1 day. You bring in your denture in the morning before 9am and will have it back in the afternoon around 5pm.

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